Freedom of Movement

A wise man once said that »the secret to happiness is freedom«.

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Everything started when a couple of colleagues got hooked to Stand up paddling. After enjoying the sport for a while we noticed that no one was making clothing for it and the few articles that were on the market were taken from other sports. So we decided to make a line of technical clothing that was designed and made to fit the needs of a stand up paddler.

With our knowledge of technical clothing from Sandiline , we made a complete line for him and for her. A line of clothing that is produced in Slovenia(EU) and that every paddler can feel as his own.

We wanted to make clothing that would not bother you while you move and that allows you maximum freedom of movement so you can enjoy the sport at it’s best!


We from Standout want you to feel free whle paddling ,and this is why we make products that allow you the maximum freedom of movement ,products that follow your body's natural motions and products that make you look good on the water while you are doing that!


With our knowledge and experience in technical wear , we belive that is our duty to provide the world with the best clothing possible, so people can enjoy this wonderful sport and move freely while enjoying it. Our goal is to build a comunity of athletes and recreational paddlers so we can learn from them ant then make great products together for as many people as possible!

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